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IST Backup Service - Recover Procedure for Mac OS X

Legato NetWorker has no Graphical User Interface for Mac OS X clients; recover commands are typed in a Terminal window. Macintosh users usually refer to folders, while the Legato commands refer to directories. The two terms are interchangeable.

If you are using the IST backup server, your data is backed up to a Legato backup server named hoover. If your data is backed up by a different server, you will need to substitute the name of your backup server wherever hoover is used in the following instructions.

If you need to type a file or directory name that has space characters (e.g. System Folder) you must enclose it in quotes ("System Folder"). I have found it handy to copy and paste file identifiers in the Terminal window. Note that file and folder names are case-sensitive.

The following shows a restore operation for a folder. This computer has 4 volumes or partitions in addition to the system volume for Mac OS X. Most Macintosh computers have only the system volume. Most text strings enclosed in '[...]' are comments, except in the output from the 'help' command. User input has been entered in bold characters. The formatting in the directory listings has been lost.

Remember that the 'dir' and 'ls' commands show the state of the data that has been backed up, NOT the current files on your computer. Most of the commands may be abbreviated (e.g. changetime --> ch).

Last login: Thu Jun 10 15:55:35 on ttyp1
Welcome to Darwin!
[tanager:~] paulhenderson% date
Fri Jun 11 08:35:35 EDT 2004

[tanager:~] paulhenderson% recover -s hoover
recover: Current working directory is /Users/paulhenderson/

recover> help [Generate a list of recover commands]
Available commands are:
add [-q] [filename] - add `filename' to list of files to be recovered
cd [dir] - change directory to dir
changetime [date] - change the time that you are browsing
delete [filename] - delete `filename' from the recover list
destination - print destination location for recovered files
dir [/w] [filename...] - list filename
exit - immediately exit program
force - overwrite existing files
help or `?' - print this list
lf [-aAcCdfFgilLqrRsStu1] [filename...] - list filename type
list [-c | -l] - list the files marked for recover
ll [-aAcCdfFgilLqrRsStu1] [filename...] - long list filename
ls [-aAcCdfFgilLqrRsStu1] [filename...] - list filename
noforce - do not overwrite existing files
pwd - print current directory
quit - immediately exit program
recover - recover requested files
relocate [dir] - specify new location for recovered files
verbose - toggle verbose mode; feedback about what is going on
versions [filename] - report on each version of file `filename
volumes [filename] - report volumes needed to recover marked files
`filename' can be either a file or a directory

recover> dir
total 0
06/07/04 09:42 AM <DIR> Desktop
06/04/04 10:39 AM <DIR> Documents
04/27/04 01:51 PM <DIR> Library
04/14/04 04:19 PM <DIR> Movies
04/14/04 04:19 PM <DIR> Music
04/14/04 04:19 PM <DIR> Pictures
04/14/04 04:19 PM <DIR> Public
04/14/04 04:19 PM <DIR> Sites

recover> cd .. [Go to parent folder(directory) of current folder]

recover> dir
total 0
07/14/02 02:20 AM <DIR> Shared
04/21/04 11:19 AM <DIR> paulhenderson

recover> cd .. [Go to parent directory]

recover> pwd [Print Working Directory]

recover> dir
total 4565
04/09/03 01:04 PM <DIR> Applications
04/14/04 01:52 PM <DIR> Desktop Folder
04/09/03 01:05 PM <DIR> Library
04/14/04 03:13 PM <DIR> Network
06/09/03 08:49 PM <DIR> System
04/14/04 01:52 PM <DIR> Trash
04/14/04 04:19 PM <DIR> Users
06/10/04 03:32 PM <DIR> Volumes
06/10/04 09:18 PM <DIR> automount
04/15/04 09:17 AM <DIR> bin
07/14/02 02:20 AM <DIR> cores
06/10/04 03:32 PM <DIR> dev
06/10/04 03:32 PM 11 etc -> private/etc
06/10/04 03:32 PM 9 mach -> /mach.sym
06/10/04 03:32 PM 709440 mach.sym
09/10/03 06:21 PM 3744576 mach_kernel
04/14/04 04:27 PM <DIR> nsr
06/10/04 03:32 PM <DIR> private
05/25/04 10:58 AM <DIR> sbin
06/10/04 03:32 PM 11 tmp -> private/tmp
04/23/04 12:25 PM <DIR> usr
06/10/04 03:32 PM 11 var -> private/var

recover> cd Volumes

recover> dir
total 0
04/29/04 01:55 PM <JUNCTION> A-SysRes
04/29/04 01:55 PM <JUNCTION> B-SysRes
06/10/04 03:33 PM <JUNCTION> Paul's G3
05/31/04 09:52 AM <JUNCTION> SharedStuff

recover> cd "Paul's G3"

recover> dir
total 32608
06/10/04 04:37 PM <DIR> Admin Folder
03/24/03 11:23 AM <DIR> Applications (Mac OS 9)
0 Desktop
04/21/04 11:26 AM 557056 Desktop DB
05/27/04 02:25 PM 3288418 Desktop DF
06/18/03 09:03 AM <DIR> Documents
04/29/04 04:29 PM <DIR> System Folder
04/15/04 04:44 PM <DIR> Trash

recover> cd "Admin Folder"

recover> dir
total 29308
05/09/00 09:48 AM <DIR> DAVE administration, etc
09/30/03 08:55 AM <DIR> Disk Images
01/19/99 11:17 AM <DIR> DocuTech stuff
09/14/02 12:27 AM <DIR> Legato Networker stuff
12/04/02 10:17 AM 19540236 MacPerl 5.6.1r2 Full Installer
03/29/00 11:24 AM 2625981 XpressSCSI.smi
06/10/04 04:42 PM <DIR> ntmaint Eudora Folder
03/27/00 01:19 PM 6853405 techtoolpro-update-253.hqx

recover> version [List backup sessions for current folder]

Versions of `/Volumes/Paul's G3/Admin Folder/':

0 drwxrwxrwx paulhend unknown 1054 Jun 10 16:37 Admin Folder/
save time: Thu Jun 10 21:16:06 2004
location: 250084 at hoover_9710

0 drwxrwxrwx paulhend unknown 986 Mar 06 2003 Admin Folder/
save time: Fri May 21 23:17:05 2004
location: 230238 at hoover_9710

0 drwxrwxrwx paulhend unknown 986 Mar 06 2003 Admin Folder/
save time: Fri May 14 21:27:38 2004
location: 230560 at hoover_9710

0 drwxrwxrwx paulhend unknown 986 Mar 06 2003 Admin Folder/
save time: Sat May 8 00:32:16 2004
location: 230550 at hoover_9710

0 drwxrwxrwx paulhend unknown 986 Mar 06 2003 Admin Folder/
save time: Fri Apr 30 23:24:44 2004
location: 230543 at hoover_9710

Display more versions of `/Volumes/Paul's G3/Admin Folder/' [y]? n

[In the following I want to restore from the backup made on May 21.]

recover> changetime may 22 06:00
time changed to Sat May 22 00:06:00 2004

recover> add "ntmaint Eudora Folder"

[many but not all files listed as they are marked]

144 file(s) marked for recovery

[Note that you may issue the 'add' command as many times as needed.]

recover> recover [Begin the recover operation]
recover: Total estimated disk space needed for recover is 6260 KB.
Recovering 144 files into their original locations
Volumes needed (all on-line):
230011 at hoover_9710
230238 at hoover_9710
Requesting 144 file(s), this may take a while...

[Files are listed as they are restored.]

Received 144 file(s) from NSR server `hoover'
Recover completion time: Fri Jun 11 09:06:06 2004

recover> exit
[tanager:~] paulhenderson%

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