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1551 - Technical Details

Data Sheet

 Medium       : 5.25" floppy disk, double density, 1-sided (48tpi)
 Recording Fmt: GCR
 Capacity     : 166kB (35 tracks, 17-21 sectors/track)
 Speed        : ?
 Interface    : parallel bus to expansion port, controlled by TIA 6523
 CPU          : 6510T @ ? MHz
 RAM          : ? kB SRAM
 ROM          : 1x16kB, containing DOS 2.6TDISK
 Power supply : internal transformer (5V+12V)
 Extras       : -

PCB History - Components - Documentation

PCB history

If you know any other PCB versions than 251750-01 REV A, please let me know!

I suppose that there are other versions, since my board has plenty of patches (extra cables, cut traces, etc.).

Component Locations

(Click here for ASCII version)

251750-01 REV A
555 U1
7406 U9
7414 U8
Controller U6
CPU 6510T U2
TPI 6525 U3

Note: Locations have been verified with MY board revision If your board differs in component location, please mail me!


Updated: March 23rd, 1998
Created: March 23rd, 1998

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