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Commodore LCD - Technical Details

Data Sheet

  CPU         : 8-bit CPU 65C102
  RAM         : 32kB RAM
  ROM         : 96kB ROM (see this overview for the programs)
  Graphics    : 8653, providing 80x16 characters on 480x128 pixels
  Sound       : -
  Int. drives : -
  Interfaces  : serial IEC, centronics parallel port,
                HP compatible barcode port, expansion port,
                telephone/modem jack
  Keyboard    : 62(?) keys
  Power supply: 4xAAA batteries or 220V (external transformer?)
  Extras      : 300 bps modem and (optionally) 3.5" floppy 1561

As you can see, I know nothing more about this rare machine. If you have ANY information about it, please mail me!

[1] 64'er 3/85

Updated: November 19th, 1997
Created: November 14th, 1997

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