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What is this page about? - scope of this web site

Help about the Commodore 64 - FAQs and other sources of information

Who are you, anyway? - about MJK

What is this page about?


This page deals with the famous 8-bit computer 'Commodore 64' or C-64 or C64 in short, and also with all the other Commodore 8-bit computers, like the Commodore 128 and the VIC20 (or VC20), including prototypes like the never marketed Commodore laptop (C= LCD). If you do not know much about the C64, read through these pages, get a C64, and you'll soon notice that it is much more than an abandoned 80's home computer. Believe me, I once thought like you might think now about it. Just give it a try, it doesn't cost a fortune.

What makes this page different?

First of all: As opposed to very many other WWW sites, this set of pages is very DYNAMIC, I try to update it DAILY. A list of changes, sorted chronologically, is available on the main page and is called 'What's new?'.

Of course, you can find nearly everything about Commodore computers here, it contains tons of links like all the other pages do, too. Above that, this page offers four special topics:

How to read this page

There is only one thing worth mentioning: If a page's status is 'Verified on xxxx' (this is written at the bottom of each page), it means that I perused this page very carefully and checked every link in it at least once on the given date. That doesn't necessarily mean that everything is valid at the time you read the page, but it is very likely.

HELP about the Commodore 64

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Howtos

As the name suggests, the documents below cover frequently asked questions, they also contain further addresses for related documents. These documents are mainly for the less experienced C64 user.

Technical Documentation

I'm sure you didn't forget about the 'Commodore 64 Workshop' and the 'Technical Details' of each of the machines in the 'Commodore Hardware PEEKs' :-) Above that, the following sites contain valuable information:

Service And Repair

Your Commodore equipment probably won't last for ever :-) In case it malfunctions, you can either wait until my PC works again and I can upload the C64 Repair Page (which is part of the Commodore 64 Workshop) or otherwise give it away and let other people repair it. For the latter, the links below should help finding an appropriate place near you.

Who are you, anyway?

I'm 27 and studying computer science (10th term) at the university of Darmstadt, Germany (that's about 60km from Heidelberg). About my relation to the C64... gotta find that file again :-)

Updated: May 26th, 1998
Created: September 1st, 1997

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Brought back to life by Peter Schepers, Dec 10, 2005 because I really liked this site!