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Inverter / Driver 7406 / 74LS14

Employed in: Probably EVERY Commodore machine.

The 7404...7417 contain six inverters (this is also called 'hex inverter') or drivers, respectively.

Technical Data

  Chip | Function
  7404 | hex inverter
  7414 | hex inverter with Schmitt trigger inputs
  7405 | hex inverter with open collector (o.c.) outputs

  7406 | inverting driver with o.c. outputs (30V)
  7416 | inverting driver with o.c. outputs (15V)

  7407 | non-inverting driver with o.c. outputs (30V)
  7417 | non-inverting driver with o.c. outputs (15V)


[Picture of 7406]
Fig: 7406

[Picture of 74LS14]
Fig: 74LS14

Technical info

The 7406/74LS14 in your C64/C128/1541/1571 is quite likely to fail if you accidentally plugged the serial IEC cable in or out with both computer and floppy drive switched on.

The Commodore Semiconductor Group (CSG) / MOS produced their own 74(LS?)04 clones, called MOS 8713.

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