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Power Supply Jack (C264 series)

Note that a few Plus/4s came with the standard round DIN type connector, but most of them have the mechanically incompatible square connector. If you have some handicrafting skills, a pair of pliers, maybe a screwdriver, and 20 minutes of time, you can convert the plug of a standard C64 power supply into one that fits into the square connector depicted below. That's what I did, since I don't have the original power supply unit, and it works perfectly :-)

Schematics for PSU

Connection scheme*

  ___ ___
 |   V   |
 | A   B |
 |       |
 | C   D |
* I do not know the original pin numbers, so I chose A-D

Signal description

  Pin| Signal      
   A | 9VAC
   B | 9VAC
   C | +5V DC
   D | GND
Note: All pictures show the jack side.

Updated: April 20th, 1998
Created: November 25th, 1997
Status : Verified on February 22nd, 1998
Thanks to: Me/PK, who borrowed me his original Plus/4 power supply, so that I could make my own one from a C64 PSU.

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