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1350 / 1351

[Picture of 1351, xxk JPEG] Most popular animal in this century ;-)

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The first Commodore mouse available for the C64 was the 1350, which was rather primitive as it was designed to merely serve as a joystick substitute. It was superseded by the 1351, a real analog mouse.
The 1351 is supported by GEOS (of course) and by some assemblers and editors. There are even a few games supporting it, for example Arkanoid II (which is GREAT with a mouse!) and the upcoming game reviewed by the GO64!, Crazy News.

Be careful when you buy a an analog Commodore mouse for the C-64/C-128. These look exactly like the Commodore Amiga mice and can only be distinguished from them by the 'MODEL: 1351' label on the bottom.


1. 1350

Alas, I absolutely don't know when the first mouse for the Commodore machines was released. But who cares, the 1350 is just a digital mouse, anyway. This means that it simply emulates a joystick, so that you cannot accelerate the movement of the mouse pointer in any way. Ick! Yuck! Bah! ;-)

2. 1351

The 'real' mouse. On default, the 1351 is in 'proportional mode' (the normal analog mode today's mice have, too), by pressing the right mouse button while power up it switches to the joystick mode of the 1350. It also plugs into the control ports.

Note that in May 1987, when it was released [1], GEOS didn't natively support this mouse (its analog mode, that is), only a software package called 'Deskpack I' contained drivers for it.


[1] 64'er 5/87, p.16, Die "echte" Commodore-Maus für den C 64
[2] 64'er 6/87, p.165, Commodore 1351 - eine flotte Maus

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