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About the original MJK website

I was first informed of this site back in late 2004, but by then it was already taken down and only existed in the Wayback machine archives. It only took the viewing of a few pages to realize that this was a very unique site with much valuable technical information that must not be lost so I took it upon myself to recover the site. It took some time but I managed to pull most of the graphics, content and files from the archive to recreate it. I am missing some pictures, a few pages, and am also attempting to find other sources for many of the linked items which are sadly also not available anymore. Many of the original C64 sites referenced from here are now gone so finding alternate sources takes time.

I realize that the site is copyrighted by Marc-Jano, and I hope he doesn't mind that I have brought it back. I've kept most of the content in place with almost all of the attributions and content unaltered. The only things I've removed deal with the scene (SAL, Sceners, Birthdays, Groups, Stats and related pages). These were removed because they are so old and I am not interested in trying to keep them up to date.

Peter Schepers.
Dec 10, 2005

Site copyright © 1997 by Marc-Jano Knopp
This document is part of MJK's Commodore 64 & LCD Page
Brought back to life by Peter Schepers, Dec 10, 2005 because I really liked this site!