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C64 / C128 / VC20 Emulators

Last update: August 10th

In case you really don't have a real C-64 (go get one!), the emulators below allow you to execute C-64 programs on machines other than the C-64. Many of them allow data exchange from/to a floppy drive 1541 via an X1541 cable.

If you only want to listen to C64 musics, get a SID player.

Links: C64 Emulation Guide - Games - Commodore FTP Search

* Commodore Emulation FAQ

* Emulators

   Note: Runs on = Amiga, BeOS, DOS, Linux/Unix, Mac, Atari ST, Windows
         Emu     = C64/128, PET, VIC20, Plus/4 (C16, C116)
Currently best emulator (at least for Linux): VICE!

  Runs on   Emu
 [A_______] [___4] A4 - [by Thomas König] - download
 [A_______] [C___] A64 - [by QuesTronix, Hartford, CT, U.S.A.]
 [A_______] [C___] AXF-64 - [by Børge Nøst]
 [__DL____] [C___] ALE C64 (by
 [__D_____] [C___] C64 - Hercules mono card only
 [_____R__] [C___] BreadBox - [by Daydream Software]
 [__D_____] [C___] C64 Alive - [by F. Littmann] - very rough emulation
 [__D_____] [C___] C64S, distributed by phs EDV - (by Miha Peternel) (also on funet)
 [______S_] [C___] C64ST
 [__DL___W] [C___] CCS64 - MSDOS and Linux
 [__D____W] [C___] Come Back 64 - [by Johan Fitié and Brad Martin]
 [__D____W] [___4] EMU [by Zsolt Prievara] - C16 emulator. WinEMU is for Windows.
 [__D_____] [C___] Free64- [by Brad Martin]
 [AB_LM__W] [C___] Frodo - [by Christian Bauer]
 [________] [C___] J64 - [by Thomas Gruber] - Needs JAVA!
 [____M___] [C___] Mac64
 [A_______] [C___] MagiC64 - [by Michael Kramer]
 [__D_____] [___4] Minus4 - [by Mike Dailly]
 [__D_____] [C___] PC128 - [by Ulrich Meyer]
 [__D____W] [C___] PC64 - [by Wolfgang Lorenz]
 [__D_____] [__V_] PCVIC - [by Boris van Schooten]
 [___L___W] [__V_] Pfau Zeh - [by Arne Bockholdt]
 [__D_____] [___4] Plus4 - [by Lidovski V.]
 [____M___] [__V_] Power20 - [by Roland Lieger]
 [____M___] [C___] Power64 - [by Roland Lieger]
 [__D_____] [__V_] VIC 20 - [by Lance Ewing]
 [__D_____] [__V_] VIC 20 - [by Paul Robson]
 [__DL___W] [CPV_] Vice - [by Ettore Perazzoli et al.] - mirror on - best emu for Linux!
 [_______W] [C___] Win64 - [by Ralph Mason]

C64 / C128 ROM images (Kernal, Basic, Character ROM)

You need these ROM images for some of the emulators above. Note that they are AFAIK still copyrighted.

Updated: August 10th, 1999
Created: September 6th, 1996

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