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Lt. Kernal - Technical Details

Data Sheet
 (Technical Specifications from the manual (v7.1))

Formatted capacity      20MB

Bytes per sector        512
Sector per track        17
Tracks per cylinder     4
Number of cylinders     620

Media size              5,25"

Recording density       10,200 Bits/inch
Track density           300 Tracks/inch

Transfer rate to C64 memory     38,000 Bytes/sec
Transfer rate to 128 memory     65,000 Bytes/sec
Rotational speed                3,600 rpm
Average latency time            8,3 ms

Positioning time                18 ms min.
                                192 ms max.

Power consumption
        20MB SCSI Drive
        117 Volt A.C. 60 Hz.    30W typical.
                                40W max.
That's all I know, mail me if you know more!

Updated: December 5th, 1997
Created: December 5th, 1997

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