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Commodore 8-Bit Repair Instructions

Last update: May 18th, 1999

The repair instructions on this page presuppose that you know what you are doing or at least have someone in reach who does :-)

But even if you don't know much about electronics, this page can be a (in the true sense of the word) valuable help, as it reduces the time for analyzing for the person who actually repairs your computer - and who usually wants to be paid :-)

For analysis, you should have a multimeter and a logic tester handy. In most cases, repairing your equipment means soldering, so that a soldering iron is recommended. If you're lucky, the faulty chips are socketed; a small screwdriver is all that you need then.


Due to lack of time, I made also incomplete files available.
Please check everything twice as there may be some inconsistencies.


Floppy Drive

Updated: May 18th, 1999
Created: September 14th, 1997
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