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Replacing Chips

Chip is socketed

 Forget about buying an IC extractor. The best tool for extracting
 chips is a simple screwdriver. Take a screwdriver, insert it at
 one end between the chip and the socket and move it up a bit. Do
 this on both ends alternately until the IC comes out. Be careful
 not to bend the pins while extracting the chip.
Chip is not socketed and can be discarded

 Clip off the chip's pins, so that a part of each pin still sticks
 out of the PCB. Now either solder a socket directly onto the pins
 or unsolder the pins first and then solder a socket into the PCB.
Chip is not socketed and must not be damaged

 Tough luck. You got to carefully unsolder the chip using a solder
 extraction tool, for example an unsoldering pump.

Created: January 29th, 1997
Updated: September 12th, 1997
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