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Last Update: March 29th 2001

Various utilities of all kinds for the C64 / C128 and other platforms.

(sorted by file extension)

1!file, 2!file, 3!file, 4!file
These are Zipcode archives. There are both tools for DOS and for the C64 to unpack them:

  1. zip2d64.exe [DOS]
    Syntax: zip2d64 <sourcefile> <destinationfile>
    (Note: <sourcefile> is the name after 1!, 2!, 3!, 4! and
    <destinationfile> doesn't need the .D64 extension)
  2. zipcode.prg [C64]
    Just LOAD and RUN it. (Hmm... this program doesn't work for me, but it does for others)

Use arkive.prg [C64] to extract it.
1541 disk image. Star Commander [DOS] is good choice for handling .d64 files. The D64 format was introduced by the C64 emulators.
GNU zip. Use 'gzip -d file.gz' to uncompress it.
Lynx archive. Again there are binaries for DOS and CBM:

  1. lynx.prg [C64]. RUN it and choose DISSOLVE, then answer 'Y' for each file you want to extract.
  2. Star Lynx [DOS], external utility of the Star Commander.

RAR. For DOS, use RAR.EXE. For Linux, OS/2 and Windows-RAR, look here.
Self Dissolving Archive. Just copy it to your C-64, then LOAD and RUN it.
Selfextracting archive. Just copy it to your C-64, then LOAD and RUN it.
Cassette image. Star Commander [DOS] is good choice for handling .t64 files.
TAR (Tape ARchive). Run 'tar xfv file.tar' to dissolve it.
TAR (Tape ARchive), zipped with GNU zip. Run 'tar xfvz file.tgz' to dissolve it or if you don't have GNU tar, type 'gzip -d file.tgz' and then 'tar xfv file.tar'.
uue (usually not a separate file, but part of an email)
Unix-to-Unix-Encoded (uuencoded). Supposed you saved the file as file.uue you can uudecode it with different programs depending on the platform:
PKzip or Unix zip archive.


  • p2a
    Converts PETSCII into ASCII. [DOS]

  • C64toBMP Graphic Converter
    Converts C64 graphic files to BMP format. [WIN]

  • Copying

  • 1581Copy [DOS]
    For transferring 1581 disk images to a 1581 disk and vice versa.

    The famous parallel copier by Thomas Tempelmann. Needs parallel cable. SpeedDOS and DolphinDOS 2.0 use this cable.


    Copy all blocks
    Start copy
    Show directory
    Start multiple copy
    Repair: No
    Toggles between 1 and 5 read tries
    Copy used blocks only
    Repair: Yes

    When copying, [SPACE] continues.

  • TurboTrans Tool Disk
    I *THINK* this is the original ToolDisk for the TurboTrans. Will extract the copy programs, etc. later.

  • Data Transfer & Networking

  • 64LAN [DOS]
    Use PC's harddisk as 1541. Requires a small program to be loaded on the C64 first. Above that, it requires a special cable (description in the documentation). Untested.

  • 64NET/2 [DOS] - now freely available!
    Connect PC to C64 and let your C64 access your PC's harddisk just like a 1541. There is also a software development kit available. Untested.
    Other sites: Finland

  • C64-Connect [DOS]
    According to the documentation, this is the fastest program to transfer files from the PC to the C64 (using a special cable which is described in the documentation). Untested.

  • CBM Tape Tools [DOS]
    Transfers Commodore tapes (no Turbo Tape yet) to PC and back. Needs C64S cable adapter. Untested.

  • cbm4linux [Linux]
    Tool for transferring files from a 1541 to a Linux box and back. Needs XM1541 cable. Untested.

  • cbmpr [DOS]
    Program for connecting a CBM serial printer to a PC (parallel port). Needs X1541 cable. Untested.

  • Copy1581 [Amiga]
    Reads 1581 disks on the Amiga drive, but doesn't work for everyone. Untested.

  • Easy 1541 [Amiga]
    This program lets you access the 1541 as IEC:. Untested.
    Other sites: Finland

  • J-Net [Amiga]
    Connect C64 to Amiga and let your C64 access your Amiga's harddisk just like a 1541. Untested.

  • Over 5 [Amiga]
    Uses a standard nullmodem cable to transfer up to 38400 baud to either the VC20 or the C64. Untested.

  • PData [Amiga]
    Connect C64 to Amiga parallel port via PData cable (description in Textfile) and transfer both binary and text files (the latter with PETSCII<->ASCII translation). This program is discontinued and (according to the documentation) will be superseeded by XData. Untested.

  • Ser64 [DOS]
    Emulates a 1541 on your PC via either the X1541 or the Disk64E/Trans64 cable. Note that this program only accepts LOADing programs, floppy commands won't work. Untested.

  • Star Commander [DOS]
    Best program at all. A Norton Commander clone with support for both the X1541 and XP1541 cable. Also displays CBM graphic characters. Very fast.

  • Trans64 [DOS]
    X1541 like program with TurboVision interface.

  • VC 1541 [DOS]
    Lets your PC emulate a 1541. Untested.

  • Xfer64 [Amiga]
    Amiga parallel port to C64 user port transfer program, Amiga -> C64 only. Simple, but fast. Untested.

  • Fast Loaders

  • Turbo-Tape [C64,C16,Plus/4,PC]

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    Created: September 6th, 1996
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