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TurboTrans - Technical Details

Data Sheet

  CPU        : 6502 @ ~1Mhz or 2MHz [1] (CPU from 1541)
  RAM        : 256kB DRAM, upgradable to 512kB
  ROM        : 32kB EPROM, look in the main page for images
  Interfaces : parallel cable to the user port or expansion port
  Extras     : socket for 16kB EPROM (versions below 3.0) or 8kB SRAM


Soldering Pads

The 2x8 soldering pads next to the socket for the ribbon cable have the following meaning:
 o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o  <- ground
 o o o o o o o o
 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Pins 1-4

For operation with an 8kB CMOS SRAM, connect pin 1 with pin 2 and pin 3 with pin 4. For operation with a 16kB EPROM (only if your TT version is below 3.0!), you can select the upper and lower 8k block with a switch connected to pins 2-4. Don't ask me how you have to connect it, I haven't tried that yet, since I only have versions 3.0 and 3.4 where you cannot use an EPROM.

Pin 5

You can connect an NMI button here. Note that - at least with my TTs - Roßmöller saved a few cents/pfennigs/whatever for the necessary pull-up resistor.

Pin 6

This pin is for connecting a reset button.

Pins 7-8

These two pins are for selecting your floppy's device address. The two jumpers on your floppy's PCB for selecting the device address have no effect when your drive has been upgraded with a TT, so you have to use pin 7 and 8 on the TT PCB instead.
  pin 7   pin 8  | device address
  ground  ground |       8
  open    ground |       9
  ground  open   |      10
  open    open   |      11

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[1] 64'er 7/86, p.45, Schnell - schneller - TurboTrans

Updated: March 23rd, 1998
Created: December 3rd, 1997
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