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Commodore 8-Bit Overdrive

Tuning & Expansions

Last update: March 29th, 2001

This page is about tuning your Commodore hardware and making expansions for it. For most of the projects, only basic hardware knowledge and soldering skills are required. Some solutions comprise of a simple switch, other require a Vector board or even a home made PCB. The 'Time:' field is a rough estimation of the average time needed.

If you decided for a project, please read the complete page first, including ALL instructions and notes! If you encounter problems understanding some or all of the technical talk, please have a look in the glossary which was created exactly for this purpose :-) If you still have problems with either understanding or with realization of any of the projects, please feel free to mail me either in English or German!


Reset and NMI switches


Floppy Drives

Hard Drives



Updated: March 29th, 2001
Created: January 28th, 1997
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