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64COPY v4.45 current version (released Mar 26, 2014)

All the C64 formats documents in one ZIP file (released Dec 10, 2009)
This is version 2.3 of the imaging CD, ceated Jan 18, 2011. It is useful for testing MNIB/NIBTOOLS and Star Commander compatibility with X cables on parallel ports. It contains Star Commander, various versions of MNIB/NIBTOOLS, 64Copy, and some test utilities for X cables. (Click here for the boot CD image in ISO format)
FCOPY-PC documentation, D64 image and PC utility
PAL assembler and POWER utilities for the C64 by Brad Templeton. Thanks to Peter van Merkerk for sending me the D64 image!
pal.txt PAL user manual in text format. Thanks to David Pineau for sending me both a Word Perfect and a formatted text version!
The only fully assembler game I ever wrote, but there's no documentation with it. Go through the numbered mazes picking up the moving objects and bring them outside the mazes to the D points to collect points and more fuel. At the higher levels things get very fast and difficult. Use the keyboard or joystick to control your direction. You are time limited per maze (30 seconds), fuel keeps getting used up no matter what you're doing, and you can only carry so many objects at a time.

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