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My original C64 floppy disks.

This is my very small collection of original C64 floppy disks. There may not be many of them, but they proved to be invaluable in decoding the F64 error bytes. Click the pictures to show an enlarged view.

RTC Basic-Aid floppy This is a BASIC extension app, adding many extra commands. RTC (Richvale Telecommunications) had numerous products out during the 80's.
Ultrabyte Disk Nibbler floppy Ultrabyte was the first copy program I bought, straight from the pages of Compute. It was slow, and wouldn't copy itself, but it worked on some things.
Ultrabyte Disk Nibbler version 2 floppy This was the second version of Ultrabyte. Note the "21" stamped on the label denoting the version number.
Pocket Writer 64 floppy Pocket Write 64 was a very complete word processor. Digital Solutions had a whole line of Pocket programs out.
Abacus Super C floppy Abacus Super C was one of the C compilers on the market. I have no idea where I got this disk from.
The Music Sutdio floppy

Like the Super C disk above, I have no idea where I got this from. I did at one time buy Deluze Music Construction Set, but I seem to have lost it over the years.

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