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Ports, part descriptions and pinouts

Below are the common ports and parts used to make the various cables.

DB15 diagram DB15 picture

This is a diagram of a DB15 connector. It is used for the parallel port add-on on the C= 1541 and 1571 disk drives. It is shown from the solder cup side. Below is a pinout of the port as installed in the drive:

1 Data Bit 0
2 Data Bit 1
3 Data Bit 2
4 Data Bit 3
5 Data Bit 4
6 Data Bit 5
7 Data Bit 6
8 Data Bit 7
9 CB1
10 CA2
11 Unused
12 Unused
13 Unused
14 Unused
15 Unused

DB25 diagram

DB25 picture

This is a diagram of a DB25 connector. It is used to connect the X cables to the PC's parallel port. It is shown from the solder cup side. Below is a pinout of the PC parallel port:

1 Strobe (STROBE)
2 Data Bit 0
3 Data Bit 1
4 Data Bit 2
5 Data Bit 3
6 Data Bit 4
7 Data Bit 5
8 Data Bit 6
9 Data Bit 7
10 Acknowledge (ACK)
11 Busy (BUSY)
12 Paper End (PE)
13 Select (SEL)
14 Autofeed (AUTOFD)
15 Error (ERROR)
16 Initialize (INIT)
17 Select In (SELIN)
18 Strobe ground
19 Data bit 1 and 2 ground
20 Data bit 3 and 4 ground
21 Data bit 5 and 6 ground
22 Data bit 7 and 8 ground
23 Busy and Fault ground
24 PE, SEL and ACK grounds
25 AUTOFD, SEL and INIT grounds
DIN 6 diagram Din6 picture

The DIN6 round connector is found the C= serial disk drives, such as the 1541 and 1541. The pinout on the left is taken from the back (solder side) of the connector. Below is a pinout of the C= drive serial port:

1 Serial Request IN (SRQIN)
2 Ground (GND)
3 Attention (ATN)
4 Clock (CLK)
5 Data (DATA)
6 Reset (RESET)
NPN transistor BSV52 picture This is the diagram and a picture of the BSV52 surface mount NPN transistor. The XA and XAP cables use this transistor type. This is a very tiny component, thus working with them is hard!
Diode   This is a diagram of a general purpose diode. The XH/XXH use 1N4148 diodes (general purpose) but the XE/XEP/XM/XMP use 1N5819 Schottky diodes. These diodes only allows current flow from the anode (A) to the cathode (C) and prevent it in the opposite direction.
Resistor   This is a diagram of the resistor, and they limit current flow in a circuit. These are only used in the XA/XAP cables, to limit current flow and setup proper voltage biasing for the transistor.

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